Benefits of Custom Lighting Design and Manufacturing in Hotels

Benefits of Custom Lighting Design and Manufacturing in Hotels

Lighting is an essential detail in every residential and commercial building. Lighting fixtures replace daylight and are one of the critical elements of the rooms. That is why it is of great importance to position them well, following interior design rules. Besides functionality, lights can determine the impression of the whole ambiance. Hotels are commercial areas used by many people. Lighting Design at hotel should be chosen wisely, to make both guests and staff feel good.

For both public spaces, such as a hall or lobby, and rooms, Karice custom lighting design at hotel experts advise hotel owners to step out of the scope of standard illumination. They suggest customized details for better visual effect and higher commotion.

The traditional lighting fixtures usually leave people feeling somewhat understated. On the other hand, a unique custom light design can create an impression upon your guests that’s far more impressive than you may think. In comparison to a standard hotel studio with classic fixtures, you’ll find any room with a custom lighting scheme, an awe-inspiring display.

Lights Tailored to Interior Requirements

One of the most significant advantages of custom lights is that they can be tailored to suit each premise’s specific needs. No two accommodation units in one hotel will have the same lighting needs, depending on many factors. These are the amount of daylight, wall colors, style, etc.

Some guests prefer a romantic atmosphere, with cozy furniture, lots of carpeting, and dimmed lamps. Others might enjoy bright spaces with modern LEDs in some unusual places like mirrors, closets, or behind walls. 

Hotel owners must keep these requirements in mind so that they can meet them. The list of some basics that hotels must offer to guests is here. There is no universal illumination that will suit everyone, so they have to go with customized and manufactured lighting design at hotel.

For example, rooms in an upscale hotel like the Intercontinental Paris made from expensive materials should not be decorated with halogen bulbs and cheap, wall-mount lamps. As it is a high range hotel, lighting fixtures should fit the interior. These should be discreet and sophisticated or modern and attractive, depending on the style that prevails in the room.

Making Better Impression

From the very entry into a hotel, people should feel welcomed. With custom lights in it, an entry premise like reception or lobby will not only impress regular guests, but it will also attract new ones. People will perceive that they are welcomed, so they will be more likely to come back. 

Well-suited fixtures and lights pointed in the right direction give the impression of a friendly, well-organized space. Even in some smaller facilities, wall-mount or mirror lights can make space seem larger than it is. That way, guests won’t feel cramped. A similar effect will be achieved by lights that are close to daylight.

Below are some decoration tips from hotels which you can apply in your house: 

Playing with Colors and Designs

Hotel owners and managers are doing their best to make their guests feel safe, content, and enjoy maximum comfort. Not many people pay attention to how lamps in their hotel rooms look like. But these fixtures are of the utmost importance for the overall impression.

Lights for hotels come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. The great thing about customized illumination is that it can match the wall and furniture color and theme of a hotel or specific apartment. The proper brightness can do wonders for visual appearance.

There’s a whole science behind matching colors and lights in hospitality premises. As guests perceive hotel rooms as their home away from home, they want to feel cozy and relaxed. But when it comes to furnishing, owners and managers first consider ease of maintenance and costs. 

For example, white seems pure and enlarges the room visually. But without the proper light and details to soften its sterile look, this color can make guests feel like they’re in a hospital. Blue gives the effect of coolness during the day, but at night can seem gloomy. Warm lighting should emphasize the impact of this color and make the room both comfortable and elegant.


The benefits of custom lighting design at hotel will also ensure that all guests are safe. Some fixtures, like night lights or those on fire stairs, should be turned on all the time to provide safety and security for everyone who stays there. These are functional but look a bit cheap.

By choosing a proper lighting solution, hotel managers can adapt night and accent lights to each premise. There is no need to install simple night lamps or wall-mounted torches, which only purpose is to illuminate the room. 

Instead, they can opt for manufactured fixtures to suit the room design and create the atmosphere. These can be placed under the deck, bed, or on the ceiling. Regardless of not being directly pointed to the floor, these lights will give the right dose of safety for guests to navigate the room.

Comfort for Employees

Custom lighting will also help make your staff more productive and friendlier toward guests. Sufficient light can directly affect concentration, appetite, mood, but also many other aspects of life. Adequate lighting is an essential work condition as it directly affects the productivity of workers. It also reduces the risk of unwanted injuries that are common in poorly lit rooms.

Excellent lighting helps with concentration and focus and can improve accuracy and precision in work. It also affects the mood, so proper room illumination will benefit people who do office work or daily contact with people. More on the effect of artificial light on employees read on this source.

Light is the source of life because it gives people the energy to perform daily tasks, but it also affects mood and behavior. Rooms without good lighting look gloomy and depressing, and that’s not exactly what guests would expect from a hotel. Proper illumination, which should be a substitute for daylight, should complete the impression of a space and make everyone feel good.

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