Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver | Free Download In Easy Steps

Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver | Free Download In Easy Steps

Brother MFC-L2740DW Printers ensure high-quality printing relatively at a lower cost. It uses laser printing technology to print documents at economical rates. Brother MFC-L2740DW driver helps it to make printing a pleasant experience for the users. The printer has an internal memory capacity of 64MB of RAM. You can download Brother printer driver for various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and various others.

Reading this full blog can help you learn how to download Brother MFC-L2740DW driver on your system and install it. Furthermore, we will also converse about some essential aspects of the discussed printer driver.

Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver Compatibility with Windows OS

The below-given list indicates different versions of the Windows OS that are compatible with the Brother printer driver:

  •         (32-bit) Windows 10)
  •         (64-bit) Windows 10
  •         (32-bit) Windows 8.1
  •         (64-bit) Windows 8.1
  •         (32-bit) Windows 8
  •         (64-bit) Windows 8
  •         (32-bit) Windows 7
  •         (64-bit) Windows 7
  •         (32-bit) Windows Vista
  •         (64-bit) Windows Vista
  •         (32-bit) Windows XP

Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver Compatibility with Mac OS

Below is the list of the Mac OS versions that work smoothly with the printer driver:

  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • macOS Sierra 10.12
  • El Capitan v10.11, OS X 
  • Yosemite v10.10, OS X 
  • Mavericks v10.9,  OS X 
  • Mountain Lion v10.8, OS X
  • Lion v10.7.5, OS X
  • Snow Leopard v10.6.8, OS X
  • Leopard v10.5.8, OS X 

Steps To Install Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver on Windows

Follow the below-given steps to download and install Brother Driver for Windows:

Install Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver for windows-10

  •         First of all, download the driver on your system.
  •         Next, you need to download its driver in ZIP/RAR file.
  •         Once the download process ends, save the file to a suitable location.
  •         After that, extract the file from its location.
  •         Moving ahead, select the “Setup” menu and then right-click to select “Run as administrator.”
  •         Now follow the instructions given on your screen for installation of the driver.
  •         Click “Next” and then further click “Finish” to complete the procedure

How To Install Brother Printer Driver on Mac OS?

To install the driver for Brother MFC-L2740DW printer on Mac OS, follow the below-given steps carefully:

Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver FOR Mac OS

  •         In the first place, download the driver – Brother MFC-L2740DW.
  •         After that, download its driver in ZIP/RAR file.
  •         Proceeding further, save the downloaded file to an easily accessible location.
  •         Next, you need to extract the downloaded file from its location.
  •         Now select the Setup menu and then right-click to select Run as administrator.
  •         When you see a pop up on your screen that prompts you to choose the Printer connection option, choose USB.
  •         Once the installation procedure finishes, try to print, scan, or fax using the driver.

Procedure to Install Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver on Linux

If you are a Linux user, then the below-given steps can help you to install the driver on your system:

Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver for linux-os

  •         Same as above, you have to download the Brother MFC-L2740DW driver as you start the procedure.
  •         Next, download the driver in ZIP/RAR file.
  •          Proceeding further, save the file to a location where you can easily access it.
  •         Moving ahead, extract the downloaded file and jump to the next step.
  •         Run the tool with the appropriate command.
  •         In the end, check if you can print, scan, or fax using Brother MFC-L2740DW driver.

Important Features of Brother MFC-L2740DW

Check the below-given list carefully:

  •         Brother MFC-L2740DW uses B/W laser technology to print the documents.
  •         It offers 2,400 X 600 dpi resolution that can yield crystal clear printed documents.
  •         It can print with a relatively higher speed of 32ppm for black.
  •         When it comes to the scan resolution, it can give up to Brother MFC-L2740DW.
  •         The printer has a 2.7-inch Color Touch Screen Display.

Product Specifications

The below-given list describes the Brother MFC-L2740DW driver and its major specifications:  

Product specification - Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver

Product Display

The printer display component on the control panel measures 2.7 inches. Its TFT touch screen has a liquid crystal display that supports basis fonts. Moreover, you can insert 16 characters in two lines on the LCD screen.  

Physical Description

The printer’s physical description includes width – 409 mm, depth – 398 mm, height- 316.5 mm. It can produce a sound pressure of up to 50 dB when printing and 45 dB in when resting.

Average Temperature

The ideal temperature for Brother MFC-L2740DW driver is between 10 – 32 degrees when working. Contrarily, when it is in the storage, the suitable temperature range can between 0 – 40 degrees Celsius.

Power Consumption

At its peak performance, Brother MFC-L2740DW can consume up to 1104 watts of power. However, at the time of printing or copying, it utilizes 504 blogs. In sleep mode, it uses 6.6 Watts and approx 60 Watts just before the Windows Printer driver getting ready for printing.

We hope that you find this article helpful for your Brother MFC-L2740DW Driver.

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