Electric Or Gas Hot Water? The Suitable Choice For Your Need

Electric Or Gas Hot Water? The Suitable Choice For Your Need

A water heater becomes an important item for people to have inside their house. It runs the temperature between hot and cold to the water in the tank once you open the faucet. We can use the water whether for taking a shower, cooking, or even to drink. Despite a water heater makes us get the water, we should notice the condition of the water heater we applied in our house. A water heater is capable to run at least for 10 years. Otherwise, we need to change the water heater as soon as possible.

Before we start to buy a water heater, there are factors we should concern about the item: the power source, the strengths, and the weaknesses, and how to choose the suitable water heater. It is necessary to look at the concern for picking the right water heater is an important decision that gives us comfort whenever we are using the water in our house.

The power source for a water heater to function comes from two sources, gas and electric. Both of the power source (gas or electric) stimulates the water heater to pump and to keep the temperature of the water.

A gas water heater operates by gas as the power source. It is typically cheaper and has a long term cost to operate in a household. It also takes less time to reheat the water. It will work under a power outage. Despite it has its benefits, a gas water heater has more hindrances. It spends more energy to run the system. If the gas water heater got heated, it becomes less efficient to be used.

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Meanwhile, an electric water heater needs electricity to operate the water heater. The benefit of having this kind of power heater is it saves energy on the water heater. It is because it extracts heat from the outside air, which makes the usage more efficient. However, a gas water heater won’t operate when it comes to a power outage. It also costs more to maintain, particularly in the initial and running cost.

Which one is the most suitable water heater for us?

To know the suitable water heater for us, we shall consider the cost of operation, efficiency, and performance of a water heater.

Once we recognize the power source we have in our house, the next thing to do to get the water heater we need is considering the budget to operate the right water heater in our house. Knowing the right water heater for our household from the beginning is the best way to lower the energy cost. We should remember that the higher cost we have to pay for a water heater makes a better unit to run. While burning a gaslighter, you can do some simple tricks also.

Efficiency in using a water heater related to how we are managing the usage of water. Most homeowners like us buy a water heater based on the capacity of humans that live in one house. When it comes to choosing a suitable water heater, we need to figure the amount of water our household needs. Another step to help us find the water heater that fit for us is to calculate a first-hour rating (the total of water than can be delivered in the first hour) that is acceptable to be used during the water heater usage. Once we have to count the water usage in our household and know the first-hour rating for our water heater, we need to pay attention to the comparisons between one water heater to another.

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Not only the cost of operation and efficiency, but we also have to pay attention to the performance of a water heater before we decided the suitable water heater. A reminder for us, the average capacities for standard residential tank water is between 20-80 gallons. Therefore, a suitable water heater should be able to have a good performance to keep the water in the tank and keep the right temperature of the water. For example, the water heater can keep the hot water at least 60°C.

One thing to remember: whether applying a gas water heater or an electric water heater, a water heater should get maintenance to avoid damages. For those who live in Melbourne, who have a problem with their water heater, they can call an emergency plumber Melbourne to fix the problem.


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