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Another thing that kept running through my mind was the name chosen for the sex-slave. I kept thinking Rajiin as in *raging* hormones and could just picture the writing team playing with the name. Nikita Ager certainly played the role well. She’s very sexy and appealing in that she has that little girl look about her and yet can play a competent woman as well. The look she gave T’Pol in her quarters before cutting to commercials was quite effective in showing that she was up to no good. I liked how she tried to escape and those scenes of her falling down on her back along with the music were quite engaging. Someone else in the role could so easily have come off as sleazy but she curiously maintains a measure of dignity throughout the episode.

Vejar’s direction in this action episode was excellent as was the f/x and the music. He does a great job in bringing out the best in the actors. Also, the alien marketplace was quite exotic and believable.

I give this one a B.

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