Dave Galanter

“To me, Star Trek has always been a about positive outlook on the future, and that’s a view which is sometimes sorely lacking in science fiction. I tend not to buy, and don’t want to believe, that the fate of Mankind is some post-atomic horror, as even Jean-Luc Picard described it, which is why I like Classic Trek’s take on our near future even more than the newer shows. In Classic Trek, we avoided mass nuclear war, and I think we will in real life as well. Trek, at its best, has confidence in us–sometimes more than we have in ourselves. That has always been, for me, the mair reason to watch, read, and listen.”To date, Dave has written Voyager’s Battle Lines, the Next Generation books Foreign Foes and Maximum Warp books I & II, and the eBook Starfleet Corps of Engineers: AMBUSH, which was just released.

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