Vonda N. McIntyre

“Gene Roddenberry’s universe was great fun to visit, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent working there. When I was in college I wrote a script for the show, but couldn’t get an agent to represent it (which is necessary for tv scripts) until just before the original series was, alas, cancelled.“When David Hartwell asked if I’d be interested in writing the first of Pocket Books’ line of original Star Trek novels, I was quite pleased. In fact, for _The Entropy Effect_ I incorporated the plot of the script, adding what I hope are better skills at writing: by then I had published a dozen short stories and two novels and had won the Nebula and the Hugo. It was like collaborating with myself at the age of 18 from the age of 30.

“I appreciated the freedom Gene and Pocket Books gave me to work with the characters — expanding the backgrounds of several, particularly Mr. Sulu; and it was a pleasure to me to know that Gene liked my work. I wouldn’t have written Enterprise: The First Adventure without his approval and blessing; the feedback he gave me on the first draft benefited the book immeasurably.”

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