Here’s how you can be the best version of yourself at college

Here’s how you can be the best version of yourself at college

College is a great place to find you. It’s more so about developing skills that too social skills than academics. With that said freshmen often times find themselves succumbing to the pressurizing culture of it all and lose themselves in it. If you’re a high school senior or just a clueless college freshman or even sophomore, here are some great tips for you to be your best version of yourself at college.

1.Take Responsibility

College teaches you more lessons about life than your major. As much as it excites you, let me just tell you that it’s all about that transition from being a kid to a full fledged adult. It is a place that alters your personality and your lifestyle like never before. As most students are away from home, they are bound to take care of themselves all on their own which means, from cooking to doing laundry you’re all on your own! With that said, it is understandable that students get off the track every so often which is where it is important that you sit back, take a deep breath and take responsibility. This is the time for you to either set yourself for success or failure in the future. Cutting corners or working the system negatively might get you those extra marks but that only sets you up with a bad attitude for the real life which neither of us wants. 

2. Make a schedule

Having a schedule in college is as important as breathing is to survive. It is a necessity. Since, there’s too much going on ranging from classes to homework to social events to an internship, it is fairly easy to feel lost and needless to say, burnt out which is where a planner comes in. Invest in a decent planner or just print a fancy one out from Pinterest and jot down your daily tasks each day. Not only will it provide you with some perspective and sense of direction but will also allow you to have fun every once in a while. With the help of a planner or rather a schedule, you can plan out stay-in nights for homework or going outdoors to a rave party. Well, you need to strike a balance which can easily be sort by working smartly and taking all the help possible. With online portals like that of, you can get tremendous writing help online which means work gets done earlier with much superior grades! 

3. Take care of yourself 

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We live in times where relaxing is frowned upon. The idea of not being productive is ostracized. With that said, it is imperative that you do get good grades and socialize but it is also important that you are healthy and mentally, in a good place. Eat healthy, try to incorporate some sort of movement in your day and take days off when need be. If you ever feel too overwhelmed, there is plenty of help you to be your best version of yourself at college

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