ENTERPRISE – Season 1 Review
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called a “boomer”. He likes the sweet spot of the ship (where there is zero gravity). He is young and excited about being on Enterprise.Porthos
He is the Captain’s pet beagle and he can’t tolerate cheese but loves it. He can sense “cloaked” Suliban. For more on Porthos go to:Generalities:

The ship: It has ablative armor but no shields. Reed is working on this. It does have phase cannons which were installed after they left Earth (“Silent Enemy”) and torpedoes. It has a transporter but it is not perfect as we see a transporter accident in “Strange New World “. There are no sonic showers yet. The ship can reach warp 5 (“Fallen Hero”) but only for a limited time.

Starfleet exists but there is no Federation as of yet. There is no Prime Directive.

There is a “Temporal Cold War” being waged between unknown factions from different time periods in the future (“Broken Bow”, “Cold Front” and “Shockwave”). The Suliban Cabal, lead by an unknown male humanoid from the future, is part of it. Crewman Daniels is “more or less” human as he explains it; is from Earth although it is not as we know it and he “seems” to be on Enterprise’s side. He is part of another group or faction fighting the war. Last seen with Archer in the 31st century.

The Andorians have become “friends” with Archer. The Klingons are basically unfriendly and warlike. The Tandarans are also affected by the war as they are attacked by the Cabal frequently. The Vulcans are not as enlightened as they will be in the future but have extremely cool looking ships *grin*. Ferengis have attacked Enterprise (“Acquisition”) but Archer and crew do not know who they are or where they are from.

See for more on the show. Also see the “database” link for additional information and details on the ship, the crew and more.

So far I think this show has lived up to its potential although there have been “some” not so good episodes. The cast and characters are great although Mayweather and Sato could be made more likeable, especially Sato. Bakula (Archer) had a bit of a shaky start in the season but is growing well into the part of the captain. It would be nice to make him a better and a little more of a “physical” fighter while keeping his compassionate and warm personality. The triumvirate of Archer, T’Pol and Trip is good; they work well together. Glad to see no overdoing of the T’Pol character as Seven of Nine was in “Voyager”


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