Romulan Light Fighter

Jackill’s Guide to Light Attack Craft

The Romulan fighter is an example of the state of the art weaponry that the Romulans can produce. Although the fighter is not as fast as the Klingon light fighter, the destructive power of its plasma weapon makes it the most destructive fighter ever produced. The plasma weapon is very slow to fire, taking so long as 2 minutes to recharge, but is able to produce heavy damage against multiple targets. To compensate for the slow rate of fire the craft is equipped with a disruptor that can fire as often as a Federation phaser. The craft has a low-power cloaking device which, while not able to make the craft invisible, is able to disrupt the sensors of other fighters.

The main body is a long flat multifaceted design with a falcon pennant painted on the lower hull. The cockpit is located on the top of the main body at the front of the craft. The pilot and the gunner / navigator sit back to back to reduce the size of the cockpit. The cockpit is entered by lifting the canopy to the port side. The main propulsion is provided by two radial units located on each side of the craft. Secondary propulsion is provided by two engines located at the rear of the main body. Located on the top of the main body id a short stabilizer fin to assist the craft in atmospheric flight.

The plasma projector is located at the front of the main body. The disruptor pod is located on the underside of the main body. Located in the main body behind the cockpit is the cloaking device. The craft uses two retractable landing skids which allow it to land on almost any surface.

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