The Best Hashtag Tracking Tools Every Marketer Should Know

The Best Hashtag Tracking Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Social media, for most of us, has become a second home where we spend 3-4 hours of our daily leisure time. Do you know the fact that 3.2 billion people are signing in daily to social media?

For marketers, it is a great opportunity to grab the attention of the audience for their product or business promotion. Hashtag tracking is one of the methods that help you to fulfill this purpose. Hashtags have become a super highlight of social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Most likely, hashtags are used for business purposes, and users get help for their content on all digital platforms.

What is a Hashtag?

Generally, a hashtag is known as a phrase or keyword linked with the # sign, which is attached to the content on social media. With a hashtag, you can improve the visibility of your content. You just have to add the # sign with related phrases or keyword and characteristics of the content so that when users search for the content, they can find it with just a simple hashtag.

Below you will find some amazing hashtag tracking tools list that every marketer should know before any deal.


With this tool, you can detect the most popular hashtags that are searched on the basis of your choice. And it also provides data, analytics, and hashtag recommendations that can be used to boost your exposure. For any serious marketer on Instagram, it is a must-have. With this tool, you can have free hashtags searches, so that you get started. Once you go for a premium, you can unlock the collection of great hashtag tools that can help you in your success on Instagram. It is basically highly recommended.


A social media aggregation tool called Taggbox is really resourceful and effective in hashtag tracking. With this tool, you can track and collect quality content from social media platforms in a single feed. Not only this, but you can even track the quality hashtags easily. Moreover, you can make the feed according to your choice, need, and theme on the basis of attention-grabbing for the users.


It is a part of RiteKit, and it helps in tracking as well as performing measurements for hashtags. It calculates which hashtags are useful and which hashtags are trending.

RiteTag has an immensely useful analytical system that displays different data statistics like popular accounts using new trends, hashtags, tag sets, and more than that. It also provides maximum convenience to users.


In this tool, you can cover the user engagement, analysis, relevant hashtag suggestions, and a hashtag keyword cloud for you. With this tool, you can conduct thorough research and find the best hashtags for your brand or business.

Hashtagify is such a great tool for those who use hashtag marketing for their Instagram or other social media accounts.  


As the name suggests, Hashtracking is a simple and user-friendly tool for hashtag tracking that offers real-time hashtag tracking together with performance analytics.

Free members can have historical performance analytics. The hashtag tracking reports are made in a creative way to make it more attractive visually.  

Wrapping Up

For your business, social media performance analysis is a vital part. Tracking hashtag performance also helps while identifying the right audience, brand awareness, event marketing, and your performance of the marketing campaign.

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