Valentine’s Day Ideas to Help You Plan the Day of Love

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Help You Plan the Day of Love

You could be one month into a relationship or 10 years into a marriage, the day of love is always special. We want to give you some of the finest valentine’s day ideas so that you have a great time with your partner on this day. These ideas can make you feel like it’s a the first few days of courtship even if you’re years into a marriage.

Why do you need Valentine’s Day ideas?

When you’re in love, every day might seem like valentine’s day. You fall for each other as days go by and spend some of the best times together. So, it is inevitable that you need an extra effort to make this day more special than any other.

There are also people who look for this day to fix things that went wrong. It lets you take out some time with your loved one, and talk about how to make things better.

If you’re bad at planning ideas, we will help you out have some of the nicest ideas to try. Once you go through our list, you will find ways to customize each plan according to how it can suit you. This way you not only make the day special but also do things that you’d do as a couple.

Best valentine’s Day ideas

Every couple has some things that they love doing and they can match with many others. For example, movie buffs might like to go on a date, while foodies might like to go to the best restaurant to eat. Again, you might like to do different things and want to find a way to bring in both together. Here, we have some of the common ways to make the day of love special. Use these valentine’s day ideas to bring in the day or love, and make it special than ever before:

1. Decorate your home

If you’re staying alone and you won’t have people coming over on this day, plan the day in the house. If you’re someone who usually goes out for dinner dates and movie nights, try to do something different for valentine’s day.

Your home is a comfort zone not only for you but also for the person who you’d want to give all the comfort in the world. It can be the perfect shelter that you decorate with balloons, streamers, candles, and other romantic things.

Home is a place where you can be yourself and have the love of your life with you. Plan a candle lit dinner, play soft music, waltz around the house, and make love. This is probably one of the best valentine’s day ideas as you can customize it the way you want and just be yourself.

2. Go for a relaxing spa

Many spas across the world capitalize on Valentine’s Day for couples. They add extended hours at a reduced price and lets you chill out. If you’re a couple that has hectic working hours, a spa can relax your bodies and rejuvenate your mind.

Spa no only includes massages but also beauty treatments like facials. You can simply avail of an all-day package and give yourselves a beauty treat. Since you’re taking it for two people, the charges will be less and you’ll probably be put into a romantic setting. You can follow this up with a heartwarming dinner and make your Valentine’s Day special.

3. Have a bonfire

People living in the suburbs can grab marshmallows, chocolates, and some tasty food to spend a night out by a bonfire. There is a different kind of romance experienced while cuddling by the fire and talking about life. If you’re by the beach or on top of a mountain, the excitement will be much more. Colder weathers are definitely going to be a bonus, so if you have all these covered, try a bonfire on next Valentine’s!

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4. Buffet brunch

If you and your partner are both foodies, look out for a buffet lunch and be the early bird to grab the best deal. You can clearly plan your brunch around the buffet, spend an ample amount of time with each other, and just eat your best. People who love to eat will always want to explore new places.

The Valentine’s Day ideas for your will revolve around food and then add on some more of what you like. Try out a new cuisine if you haven’t already or simply lookout for the best buffet in town.

5. Go bar hopping

If you’re more like a party animal who’d be looking out for couple entries to night clubs, totally do that! Most party places will have couple entries for Valentine’s Day so you not only get a good rate, but also find more couples in there. You can expect romantic music mashed up with dancing numbers and the right kind of drinks to go on all night.

6. Watch a live match together

If you two are more of the sporty kind or you’re willing to take your partner to a match because he loves it, he will love you more! You might willingly sit through a match you don’t understand but it can be the best day of his life. Of course, you can later go out for dinner or spend some cozy time a home. Valentine’s day ideas are more about giving than getting. So, if you’re willing to give you will get it back too.

7. Plan a weekend trip

If you’re looking for Valentine’s day ideas 2020, you’d notice that the day is on a Friday. This means you can plan a weekend getaway that starts on this special day and lasts till February 16. That way, it will not be a day affair but you’d get the entire weekend to be with the person you love. To make it even better, you can hit the roads and go somewhere nearby. Just escape the cities and go to a quieter place where you can just be with the person you love.

8. Attend a cooking class

If you’re planning to learn a skill together, it can nurture your relationship and take it to the next level. For example, couples planning to shift together need to know the basics of cooking. If neither of you is aware of cooking, you can take this day like an initiative for a brighter future. Take cooking classes that might not be a one-day course, but you can always start on Valentine’s day. Treat each other to what you made to make it more exciting and special.

9. Plan a karaoke night

No matter how bad you sing, when you sing for the person you love, it is always special. A karaoke night can really make your valentine’s evening special because it sets the mood right.

You can ask the DJ to put up Perfect by Ed Sheeran and sing the song for your partner. She might choose another song and do the same for you. You can even sing duets and be a part of the event where more couples do the same. This will make the experience better and you might hear stories about more people being in love.

10. Watch a comedy show together

Standup comedy has really changed the entertainment scenario and people don’t just watch movies on weekends. If you want to have a hearty laugh and be by your loved one to watch her do the same, book tickets to a comedy night.

11. Take a workout class together

People who are into fitness know the adrenaline rush they get every time they’re at it. If you’ve still not worked out with your partner, you need to try what that feels too. Trying to bring out the best in your partner and watch him do the same for you is nurturing for the relationships. This is one of the healthiest valentine’s day ideas that can be followed by a protein-packed lunch to make it better.

Workout class doesn’t have to be boring, it can be cycling together, going for a Zumba class, or hiking uphill to grab the sunset views. You can make it interesting yet keep the fitness factor intact.

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12. Go to a theme park

Romantic dinners and movie dates are all good, but have you been on a roller coaster ride shouting, “I love you?” If not, then it is time to try this out and see how good it makes you feel. Take your partner to a theme park to enjoy like you were kids again. In our busy lives and hectic work schedules, we often forget what it is to enjoy like a kid. A theme park brings in everyone and has something to offer all.

13. Go camping

If you’re not satisfied to have a bonfire at a nearby beach, head to the hills to spend a night under the stars. Have access to basics like food and water, and make sure your bonfire keeps you warm all night. There is nothing as beautiful as sleeping under the stars and you must experience that will your loved one.

14. Go for a double date

If you and your partner are comfortable and so is the other couple you plan to go out with, you can always have a double date. Although most people like to spend time with their partners only, some stay together all day. In such cases, you might not mind have a double date and planning Valentine’s day together. You can share things about your relationship and know about theirs. It strengthens bonds within the couples and also people as friends.

You can also take this to another level and call in pairs and have a party at home. It can be Valentine’s day party that is only for couples who come together and spend time. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t want to call in single friends as that could make them sad.

15. Plan a book reading time

Do you remember when was the last time someone read out a book to you? It was probably your mother when you were in junior school. If you have the knack of reading but your partner doesn’t, you might want to read out your favorite book to her. It can be one of the more romantic and caring things to do for the person you love.

You can also tell stories to each other – stories about your life or people you know. This can make a bond become stronger and you can know each other better.

16. Gift them what they always wanted

People say that money can’t buy happiness, but it can surely buy gifts that make others happy. If you know something that your partner had been wanting for a long time, you might want to gift that.

Since gifting is common on Valentine’s day, you need to figure how to make it special. For example, you might want a fancy packaging. You might want to keep cues around the house to make your partner solve them and reach out to the gift. There are many ways to present what you have to offer. These experiences can improve the gifting process and make it memorable.

17. Send their favorite food to work

If you two have work on Valentine’s day, you can make it working hours special by sending their favorite food for lunch. This can be a lot like a surprise and they will be delighted to have the food they love between busy working hours.

18. Go ice-skating

Most couples are fond of ice skating especially because it has been romanticized in many movies and songs. There is simply something about the cold season that makes such adventures turn into a romantic encounter. You got to try it to believe it.

19. Go for a long ride

Valentine’s day can be made more special when you take your bike and ride onto the outskirts. Road trips by car are also good, but there is definitely something more romantic about bike trips.

20. Explore places you haven’t

If you’re from a big city, there are probably things you still don’t know and places you haven’t been to. Use this day to explore your city, especially if you wanted to travel outskirts but couldn’t. There can be a lot of things to learn and be proud of and share that with your partner.

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