Best Face Wash for Dry Skin and Ways to Hydrate and Moisturize

Best Face Wash for Dry Skin and Ways to Hydrate and Moisturize

People who have dry skin do not usually have acne and pimple problems, but they tend to have issues like freckles and pigmentation. They also find their dry rough and flaky, and the key to breakthrough from that is hydration. When choosing the best face wash for dry skin, you not only need a powerful cleanser but a product that moisturizers your skin. Here, we will discuss this and how you can keep your skin supple and beautiful.

Causes of having dry skin

Before commenting on the suitable and the best face wash for dry skin, we thought it is vital to underline the significant causes of dry skin conditions. Also, the below pointers will help you to keep a note of that.

Bathing in hot or chlorinated pools

While jotting down the list of causes, the first thing to remember is that having a hot bath for an extended period can damage the epidermal layer of the skin. On top of that, chlorinated swimming pools can equally damage the skin, thus leading to dry skin conditions.

Heated areas

Staying too long in the regions that generate too much heat like fireplaces, gas, and stove can dry up the skin. It reduces the hydration effect and causes dry skin.

Harsh soap

Many of you have a habit of washing the skin with soap. Just cut off the soaps from the next budget list as it wipes off the moisture of your skin. Alike soaps, shampoos, while rubbed on scalp cascading down the face, also do the same thing.

Unexpected skin diseases

It is not always that external factors lead to the dry skin condition do you know that certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema also cause dry skin?

Dry weather

When you think of the dry weather, winter is the topper on that list. Winters strips off the natural sebum from the skin and makes it drier. One more plausible cause is that during the winter months, the moisture content or humidity level is also relatively low, which primarily impacts the skin.

Therefore, the above culminated are some of the specific reasons for having dry skin. Apart from that, we will focus on the tips of hydrating the dry skin in the below section.

Learn how to take care of the dry facial skin

Dehydrated skin in the other body parts does not leave you much worried, like the dry facial skin. Every time you need to bother your mind about how to keep that supple and free of cakey look. Here, we have clubbed some of the points that will give the essence of taking care of the dry facial skin.

Befriend with lukewarm water

Lukewarm water is the just-right catch for the dry skin. Neither too hot nor too cold, opt for the lukewarm while cleaning the face and taking bathe.

Gentle cleansing

Many of you chase for the cleanser without knowing their composition. But do you think that is right? Well never! Do not go ahead with this, as unknown combinations may not fit well for dry skin recipients. Always have the micellar water as the staple cleanser for dry skin conditions. Besides, look for a cleanser with tiny beads of oil particles. They are a great way to ensure that the skin is well hydrated.

Sugar scrubbing

When it comes to exfoliating the dry skin, it is good enough to have the sugar-based scrub as the exfoliator. Now you might ask why because the sugar beads do not scrub too harshly. The tiny grains will not scratch when you gently remove the dead skin from the skin top layer. One more thing you should try to keep in mind is to never go overboard with the exfoliation process. At the same time, follow a weekly exfoliation routine as well.

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Best Face Wash for Dry Skin

Moisturise both morning and night

Note that moisturization is a hard and fast rule, which you have to follow strictly. To be specific, you have to moisturize the skin during the night and day without fail. Applying moisturizer ensures your skin gets protected with this barrier. Routine application of moisturizer will ensure that your skin will not look lifeless. On the contrary, it adds a vibrant feel to the countenance.

Moisturize on the wet face

You know about dry skin, no matter how much moisturizer you apply at one point it will dry up and make your skin look flaky. That is why there is a rule of using the moisturizer; apply it on the face immediately after washing it. Also, do not pat it dry, dab the moisturizer on that little wet face.

Lotion or oils for face

Instead of topping the face with layers of creams, it is time to do some oil dab. Doing so will release the dryness and make it look hydrated. Be sure that you follow the particular oil application method, start right from the forehead, and roll down the fingers to the jawline. Also, add the neck area as it counts as much as your face.

Protection in the sun

It would help if you indulged in protecting your skin from the rays and ensuring that you seek to add the oil-based sunscreen to the dressing closet. Dry skin recipients need to rely on sunscreen as an essential repertoire always, but they have to purchase the cream-based ones in any case. It is because that will not only protect the outer epidermal layer of the skin from the harmful sun rays but will also penetrate deeper to offer moisturization as well.

Do not miss the face mask

Face mask calls for an essential part of the whole facial care regime. You cannot miss this part because the face mask can pull out the dirt from the deepest layers. Meanwhile, ensure that the mask you opt for has the right combination of ingredients like seaweeds, kaolin, as this helps you in both ways. As they do moisturize simultaneously, do not strip off the natural oil. Thus, the skin remains supple for long.

Condition the lips

Dry skin recipients not only have problems with the skin, but their lips tend to dry up often. To keep it supple, smoothly apply almond oil. It is the best healer and protects the lips from getting chapped.

These were some of the rules that dry skin recipients need to follow to shoot up the suppleness of the skin. Now we will brief you on the best face wash for dry skin.

What is the best face wash for dry skin?

Check out some of the best face wash for dry skin that you can buy right away:

Cetaphil daily facial cleanser

One of the topmost brands with incredible fan followers is Cetaphil. Indeed each of its products touched the heart. But one such facial cleanser specially designed as the best face wash for dry skin is this particular one. Once applied on the skin, it will kill the excess oil flow and will not dry up the skin.

Face cleanser From SOFY

Among multiple best face wash for dry skin, the facial cleanser designed with gel-based formula can work miraculously for the dry skin. Even this is just the staple product for those with dry and sensitive skin. Made of aloe vera gel and soybean, it would leave the skin texture supple and smooth. Irritation or rash on the face is not an issue with the face wash.

Skinceuticals foaming cleanser

Dry skin people spend bucks to pick the right catch when it comes to facial products. Lots of experiments have to be done before saying yes to any particular skin product. The option here is a foaming cleanser based face wash from the Avante Garde cosmetic company. The main ingredient here is glycerine, which keeps the skin nourished and hydrated. After application, the skin will not feel itchy, tight, or patchy at all.

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Alafia Coconut face wash

When it comes to nourishing the dry skin, you have to embrace coconut goodness without a doubt. Acknowledgment goes to the company Alafia for presenting this innovative and the best face wash for dry skin. Dry skin gets rough and irritated sooner, but washing face with this particular face wash ensures the skin remains moisturized for long. It is because of the coconut as it can seal the moisture inside the skin. On top of that, it will promote the collagen presence as well.

Ultra-hydrating cleanser from Neutrogena

Neutrogena is rewarded with arrays of skincare products. Moving forward, we will discuss the Ultra-hydrating cleanser from Neutrogena. Designed, keeping the elements natural and less reactive on the dry skin, this is safe for the dry skin users. Free of parabens and allergens, it gently cleanses the skin without taking off the natural sebum.

Hydrating facial cleanser Cerave

Dry skin cannot resist acrid chemicals on the face. Therefore, when choosing the face wash, one has to crosscheck the ingredients one at a time. Like, you can add the hydrating facial cleanser from the brand Cerave. It is formulated with three different kinds of ceramides that help to soothe out the dry skin irritation. Also, it is comparatively a cost-effective option

Rose fresh foaming face wash from Sephora

Dermatologist always suggests that dry skin recipients need to be cautious when applying any product on the skin. One such best dry skin face wash is the Rose face wash from Sephora. Estimated goodness includes keeping up the oil balance of the skin as it is. Quickly pulls off the dirt and other skin impurities from the deepest layer. The application of the same face wash will not make you look dull or dry. It is because it makes the skin feel rejuvenated and healthier.

Calming facial cleanser from Honey Manuka

Dry skin does not mean that you will not get the acne or breakouts. Some suffer from the problem of both, so for them, this particular face wash is the real catch. Ingredients like castor oil and honey ensure that the skin moisture level is well maintained. Additionally, no inflammation or irritation pokes the skin. The typical face wash is also known to be anti-inflammatory because you will not get any redness or swelling on the skin.

Aquation moisturizer based cleanser

Dry skin needs a gentle touch, and you have to be polite with the skin. That is why using a gentle face wash is must like a mild cleanser. Here you have the one precisely formulated for the dry skin recipients from Aquation. A combination includes hyaluronic acid, glycerine as well as ceramides. Each of these works towards offering a fresh feel to the skin. Considering the positive sides of these ingredients, you will see that it does not strip the water from the skin and shields the skin from getting dried with its effective moisturization formula.

Cream oriented cleanser Mad Hippie

Alike other skincare companies Mad Hippie is right here with its latest collection called the cream oriented cleanser. Presence of sesame oil, macadamia and jojoba together ensure that the skin stays hydrated from inside. The addition of hyaluronic acid doubles up the chance of getting plump skin. It is because it grabs the water and retains, making the skin look like a baby skin with no dryness. No doubt, every time you clean the face with this face wash, it protects the skin from dryness.

Final thoughts

If you have dry skin, don’t ponder because now you have the list of best face wash for dry skin. Just choose the right one for your next collection. Just stop using any regular face wash; make sure that you read the combination and start using it at once. Additionally, follow the moisturization and face mask routine as well.

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