Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Which Streaming Platform is Best [ Updated 2019 ]

Netflix vs Amazon Prime: Which Streaming Platform is Best [ Updated 2019 ]

If you are willing to know which streaming service Netflix Vs Amazon prime deserves your investment then in this article you will learn several dimensions of them along with their subscriptions. In the past few years, Amazon has managed to challenge several platforms including Netflix while Netflix has its own fan base. For some users, it is affordable to have a subscription for both but it is rare, the toughest situation arises when you have to make a choice between them. If you know the Amazon Prime subscription cost and its benefits then you won’t compromise it with Netflix, also if you know the Netflix subscription cost it would be easy for you to analyze both of them.

Netflix is undoubtedly the bigger network for on-demand streaming video services and by far it has grown more popular today than ever before. In Spite of its international popularity, it has been challenged by another variant i.e. Amazon Prime video. There are a number of users who are playing tug-of-war between both of them and using both the platforms for unlimited entertainment but it is wise to know that both of them are radically different under several heads. It is tough to choose anyone as one might offer something which others cannot. But do not bother here we are presenting a few structural differences and comparative notes for you to analyze it by yourself, get your wallet ready and choose your scorecard.

Difference between Netflix and Amazon Prime

In the below mentioned, we will go through some factors which will differentiate Netflix Vs Amazon prime. Let’s start with the factors

1. Price

Starting from your pocket itself, our monthly subscription can only make a difference. The price model of Netflix subscription is in 3 tires where basic ($9 per month), standard ($13 per month) and premium ($16 per month). With this, you get access to the catalog of Netflix having different movies, TV shows, and special web series. This different level works in providing the video quality in the premium you get the best (HD). Amazon prime video is little convenient here and you have to take an annual subscription of $119 through which you get an ad-free access to all the content available. With this annual membership, you also get other benefits with quality.

2. Device support

Device support

It is very authentic to understand that even the highest subscription membership won’t work if it is not compatible with your device. Amazon prime video has the ability to establish compatibility with different devices and platforms, say like browsers on a PC or Mac, Apple TV, Amazon’s own fire TV, Chrome cast and many more.

Netflix also assists in the compatibility with the same devices also including the windows phone and Nintendo 3DS. You can say Netflix has this coin.

3. Content

The reason for which Netflix has a very genuine audience is that it has a number of licensed Hollywood TV shows, web series, documentaries, and movies. In the past few years the Netflix original creations like stranger things, the umbrella academy and House of cards have gained in a spotlight and increased the overall value of Netflix among users.

While Amazon Prime is known to have older movies where users only get iron Man 2, Mission Impossible series and something more or less like that. Though Amazon has a very large collection of movies and TV shows, it has to work a lot in this particular sector.

4. User experience

User experience

Generally, the video quality on Amazon Prime is quite good and the best part is you don’t have to pay for the Titans which are available for streaming in HDR or Dolby atmos. On the other hand, Netflix has the most consistent interface having very little alterations from device to device. Even the audios and videos available are compressed in order to save users internet.

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5. Live TV and all the add-ons

Live TV and all the add-ons

The most convincing part of Netflix is available in all the proportions and monthly subscription of it gives you access to unlimited sources. Thanks fluctuate when you are a cord-cutter where you need something different to fill the gap. Amazon prime here comes for the rescue where you can have the access for free content as well. Users also get free two-day shipping on Amazon products, prime music when they secure prime membership. If you are a fan of Angelina Jolie then here we have something for you, as you can know about the net worth of Angelina Jolie.

So have you decided?

We have seen different aspects with Netflix subscription cost and Amazon Prime subscription cost, along with that we have also analyzed both of them on the basis of quality, content, compatibility with other devices and live TV streamings. If you have already chosen the sides then it’s better and we can learn something more about both.

Netflix subscription cost along with its plans

As we have learned that Netflix has three tiers for a subscription which starts from the lowest this is $9 per month and highest $16 per month.

If you are a resident of the US then you can also get DVDs and Blu Rays for a rental by mail from Netflix. For the services price range starts from $1 per month to $15 per month.

Netflix offers a very large library and collection of TV shows, movies and web series it has actually gained the position of broadcast television. Let’s learn more about the streaming plans for Netflix.

How much do the plans cost?

We have seen the offline of the plants let’s dive deeper.

A. Basic – HD (480p max) One stream only

This is the most fundamental plan which costs you on $9 per month and has limited features only. Having this plan you can only use it for a single screen at a time and its screen resolution is also limited to standard definition SD. You can compare this version with old or Pre HD television

B. Standard – Full HD (1080p max) Two simultaneous streams

This plan is the intermediate where you have to pay $13 per month and can watch on two different screens simultaneously. Also, you can see it in high definition quality which is superior to the former one.

C. Premium – Ultra HD (4K max) Four simultaneous streams

On the premium subscription, you can place any bet considering the quality, access to the content and streamlining. Paying the amount of 60 Dollars per month you can video program the content in HD or ultra HD if available.

Netflix subscription
Netflix Subscription

Netflix’s DVD and Blu ray plans cost

You can get discs by mail from the website itself if you are a resident of the US. Actually, this is the same fact through which Netflix actually delivered its content when did TVD when it was launched in the year 1998. There is added a streaming video in 2007 and then decline of DVD rentals occurred rapidly. You can say that it is an uncommon option today. The pricing plans for this are-


This is the most fundamental plan of Netflix where the standard DVD costs you for $8 per month. If you have a preference for Blu-ray then it might cost you $10 per month. In any case, you are allowed to keep one disk at a time as long as it required and once you return the allocated disc you get another disc instantly which is listed in your queue. There are no limitations with the number of discs you can watch over time the only thing which you have to worry about is how quickly e you can you watch and return them.


With this plan, you can keep two different discs at any particular time and it costs you $12 per month and $15 per month for Blu-rays. If not this, the plan works similar to the standard.

How much Amazon prime does cost?

The sure benefit of Amazon Prime membership is that you can save a lot of deliveries. There are limiting factors where the cost of your membership depends like if you pay annually or monthly if you are a student or not. There are certain factors which have to be considered before getting the membership as there are several pros and cons associated with it.

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The most successful program of Amazon is Amazon Prime membership through which you get access to have free shipping for 2 days on all the eligible products. There are certain deciding factors which have their impact on the cost. Here we are presenting the breakdown which will make it easy for you to understand. Again, it depends on how you choose to pay and who you are. As in the year 2018, mostly people annual fee paid for the membership and sum for $13 per month. On driving the major difference between monthly and annual subscription if you are taking month to month then it will cost you extra $37 compared with the annual. There are lots of people who love songs of Rihanna, so here are some updates about Rihanna.

On the other hand, students can get prime membership for $60 per year or $7 per month. Even the Medicaid cardholders or EBT gets discounted membership. Its cost is available for $6 per month and it is accessible for the users for the next 4 years (this membership is available for $72 per year). You can also choose to subscribe on to the prime video for $9 per month though it will limit your access to other dimensions of Prime video library.

What does Amazon prime membership covers?

If you have decided or already taken the Amazon Prime membership there are certain factors which you must definitely know in order to access your account efficiently. Let’s learn them one by one.

  • Through this membership, you get two-day shipping free for all the prime eligible items. If you are worried about the eligibility products then know that there are a hundred million items which are under this category as per Amazon. You also get one-day shipping free and for the same day and 2 hour delivery on all the selected items.
  • On Amazon, you can make the orders and then generalized them on the basis of their orders. All the items which you have ordered in the week will be delivered later to it.
  • For the selected items like video games, music, and other products you get free release date delivery. You also get discounted expedited delivery for the selected product. The most attractive feature which Amazon Prime membership covers are tie-breaker deals on Amazon prime day.
  • You can also freely streamline to the prime eligible TV shows, movies and all the other audible channels including Amazon original.

Do I have to pay additional?

We have learned that prime membership gives you access to free shipping on a few items but still it does not cover most of the dimensions. Now listing the other freebies, say if you are likely to run across any item which does not have free shipping or movies which are not included in your prime membership account.

For the individuals who are willing to make certain concessions, there are ways through which you can maximize your savings on Amazon. This might also mean you can buy only limited prime products. If you are one of the people who fall under the category of frequent shoppers and can efficiently afford the prime membership then it is a very good option for you to save money. As its convenience factor is certainly higher you can also make the deliveries quick.

Apart from that, there are several other perks associated with Amazon Prime membership. If you are not willing to spend over the membership cost on deliveries, there is no need to spend a lot over the annual subscription. You can easily opt for the monthly membership as it will be a good option for you, only if you know the orders you are going to make in the coming weeks. You can listen to the latest music from worldwide and if you are a Taylor Swift’s fan then here we have some news about Taylor Swift and her achievements.


By how far we have gone, it would be easy for you to analyze your pick. If you are looking for services apart from TV shows and movies it would be better to invest in Amazon Prime membership. Other than that if you really do not want to compromise with the quality and want the HD screening then go for Netflix. On the basis of affordability, you can drive another conclusion.

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