Okay, you have recently come home for summer vacation and want to try some games on board and mobile. You love playing games right?

I must say that playing games from your phone or PC is the best way to spend time if you really love gaming. You can play with your friends and close ones too. The craze for online games has increased in the recent years and, whether the board games or the mobile games. 

Here Are Some of The Popular Board Games You Should Know-

  1. Tabletop simulator

It is the hardcore gaming option. Even the pro in the board games might find difficulties to cope up with the tricks and strategies of this game. It is quite intimidating for the first time players. As the name indicates, the goal is to get full simulation. This game has full 3-D graphics, physics and total online reality support. Another challenge for the beginners to play this game is that it does not enforce rules automatically. Here, you can get most of the favorite games that you want like Wingspan and Cosmic Encounter. If you are able to grab the interface and has a decent personal computer, it is one of the best games that you can try. This game has huge content and great graphics. 

  1. Tabletopia

It is quite similar to the other board games. This game also has the free and premium tiers. This game has the option to play multiplayer and also you can play from the web browser and also from the mobile application. This board game variety looks slicker and has more number of game choices. Here the board games are presented in the quasi-3D environment which really looks too attractive. The players can get wide range of fun games as like Serious and Secret Hitler. You can also get heavy games like Brass and Scythe. The sound of the game is too engaging. The tabletopia is like the real game in this virtual world. It has the slick presentation with good game selection.

  1. Call of Duty
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It is one of the best battle royale games played by most of the players around the world. This game is designed to play on the mobile phones. In this game, the player can use the right skills and strategies to win the battle and come up in the top rank. You can play with your friends and close ones through mobile. Total 100 players can take part in the battlefield. There is 5v5 team deathwatch, sniper vs Sniper battle and the zombie action as well.

  1. UNO

It is another family game and you can play along with your family members and friends. This game has been played by people for decades. Though playing the real physical games are thrilling, but this online card game is much more interesting. You can play with players globally or create separate rooms where you can play with close ones. Do not forget to tap the UNO when you have your last card in hand. 

These are some of the games that you can play at home with your friends and have a great time ahead. If you want to play casino games, you can try NetBet casino games to get the best experience virtually.


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